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Welcome to the 2021 Industrial Waters Conference in Wellington. Covid-19 hashad a major impact on us all throughout 2020 and no doubt into 2021 and beyond as we learn to adapt to new ways of working and surviving during these trying times.

Alongside the current issues of Covid-19 we have entered a new era globally, where people are speaking up to enact change and expecting governments to do better, pollute less and provide leadership on issues such as climate change, sustainability and clean waterways. These are not just problems for the government to fix – we as individuals, and as a group, need to step up and provide support, and access to the technologies and the expertise to bring about meaningful change.

The announcement of the new regulatory authority (Taumata Arowai) to cover all of the three waters sector, post-Havelock North, and the 3 Waters Review is sure to see a degree of standardisation for an otherwise very fragmented sector. How this affects those of us at the coal face remains to be seen, but I for one welcome the change with enthusiasm.

There is increasing international pressure on our local industries to provide products that have been produced sustainably, which includes the appropriate treatment of wastes from these processes. These industries in turn are looking to us for guidance on where to find the technologies and expertise, to meet these tightening standards.

One of the main goals of this Forum has always been to get Regulators, Territorial Authorities, Service Providers and Industry around the same table to facilitate conversations that will balance industrial growth with Infrastructure requirements and environmental outcomes. This year we will take full advantage of the Wellington location to bring more of the regulators to the table.

As always we will have a great line up of guest speakers and presenters and continuing on from the successful launch at last year’s conference in Dunedin, we will be running training sessions on Day 1. Please do remember to take full advantage of the invaluable networking time between presentations and during breaks to get the most out of this conference. We are a forum and it is all about the sharing of information.



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As a Board we value the support of our members. Without you we would not be able to provide the benefits of belonging to the forum and continue to actively develop our industry group. The NZTIWF is an incorporated society run by volunteers from a range of industrial waters’ professions and backgrounds. The society governance and day to day management is carried out by Jennifer Leadley, our Executive Officer, and the Board in accordance with the society’s constitution.

We sincerely hope that you will join us for another year.

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The forum uses LinkedIn as our main social media platform. There are two Linked-In profiles; the newly established public profile https://www.linkedin.com/company/72280409 which is used for public announcements, information and comments. The other is private https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4484284/ and is used to ask about issues you faced or seek guidance from others in the group.  Please remember to use these forums to highlight industrial waters issues.

Let us know if you have any suggestions. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Thanks all for your support.

Kind regards,

Jason Dinsdale

NZTIWF President


Jennifer Leadley

Executive Officer



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The New Zealand Trade & Industrial Waters Forum (NZTIWF) is an Industrial Waters Group comprised of members from all sectors of the industry including scientists, Regional and Territorial Authorities, engineers, suppliers and liquid waste operators.

The group is primarily focused on providing real-time solutions to issues facing the Industry, developing national standards and working together to develop sustainable processes that protect infrastructure and the environment.

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