Welcome to the New Zealand Trade & Industrial Waters Forum

The New Zealand Trade & Industrial Waters Forum (NZTIWF) is an Industrial Waters Group comprised of members from all sectors of the industry including scientists, Regional and Territorial Authorities, engineers, suppliers and liquid waste operators. The group is primarily focused on providing real-time solutions to issues facing the Industry, developing national standards and working together to develop sustainable processes that protect infrastructure and the environment.

Membership benefits:

  • Information on upcoming events, publications, policy meetings, an annual conference with a Trade Waste Officers only session and a Liquid Waste Operators only sessions, and national water related initiatives.
  • A strong focused group to lobby on your behalf working to develop common standards, procedures and mitigation strategies for water and waste issues.
  • Access to a government lobby group that is working hard to create common trade waste standards, procedures and agreed mitigation strategies within regional organisations
  • To take part in the AGM of the NZTIWF and to have a voice in national policy, and influence decisions to issues important to you and your organisation.
  • Discounts on conference fees. (For further information on the conference click here)
  • Access to a library of publications and conference papers.
  • The development of best practice guidelines, regulations, and accreditation systems
  • Publicizing your organizations support for the NZTIWF and its innovations and activities.
  • Network through the NZTIWF group discussion forum on LinkedIn – ask questions and receive feedback from over 300 industry professionals in five countries.
  • Discounts on conference fees. (For further information on the conference click here).

Be a member of an organization that is at the forefront of water issues in New Zealand.


Geoff Young