Meet the NZTIWF Board


Jason Dinsdale


Originally from Whangarei I grew up in the Far North in a rural background.

I started my career as a chemistry lab technician before moving into factory roles and operating processing plants. I have spent approximately 20 years working for large wet industries including Dairy, Edible Oils and Vegetable processing plants (amongst others) in a range roles.

In 2004 I relocated to Timaru and worked for several local companies before taking on the Trade Waste Officers role at Timaru District Council in February 2014. Currently I am the Wastewater Compliance Officer at TDC.

As well as NZTIWF President I also hold a position on the Liquid Waste Code Compliancy Council and the Water Industry Competency Advisory Group (WICA).



Jennifer Leadley

Executive Officer / Secretary

My first job after university was at Tiwai Point Aluminum smelter in the Environmental Monitoring Division, followed by an Environmental Monitoring role in Massachusetts, USA. I spent the next 15 years in management positions for a Christchurch liquid and hazardous waste collection company, and became involved in the NZ Liquid Waste industry.

I have been involved with WasteTRACK since its beginnings in 2005, as the company I worked for was an early trialist. I continued my involvement when I joined Liquid Systems in 2007, implementing and managing WasteTRACK. I am a trained Systems Auditor and since 2007 have been the Auditor for the Liquid & Hazardous Wastes Code Compliancy program, established by the Liquid and Hazardous Waste Operators Certification Council.

I joined the NZTIWF committee in 2017 and look forward to helping the organization grow and achieve its goals.


Mike Sahayam


I have a science background, studied chemistry at Massey University and later working at the university for 15 years as a technician and tutor in the Department of Technology and Engineering. I was involved in the wastewater chemistry and microbiology programs as well as teaching meat microbiology and meat chemistry to meat industry leaders.

My own research interest was looking at how drinking moderate amounts of red wine had some health benefits and which NZ wines were best for this reason. For the last 10 years I have worked at Palmerston North City Council as a Trade waste compliance Officer. My role has involved not only monitoring and managing incoming Trade waste, but also working with industries to improve the quality of effluent they discharge.

As well is Trade waste I also manage all the wastewater analytical data, including operational and compliance data.


Bruce Holland

Board Member and LHWO Representative

I have been involved in the Waste Industry for 35 years and managed the largest Liquid Waste company in NZ for 3 years. I have had my own business since 1989 growing it from sole operator to staff of 35.

I am an inaugural member of the LHWOG, the only one remaining of the original 12 and served as Chair for past 10 years. My background is Mechanical Engineering background and I have lived in Auckland for 42 years.


Geoff Young

External Liaison

Coming from an operational background, I have been involved in Environmental Management for the best part of the last 30 years. I was the very first Environmental Officer in New Zealand Dairy Group back in 1991, one of the cooperatives that now make up Fonterra, and I was involved in major redevelopment of the Te Rapa site over the following 8 years.

I am a Director of GP2020 Holdings Ltd trading as BPO, a reference to the Best Practicable Option clause from the original Resource Management Act. Today BPO serves a number of functions, from temporary and permanent water monitoring installations to waste water pre-treatment and waste water management systems not to mention cleaner production systems.

Advising primary processing industries on water measurement, management techniques and raw material utilisation, I have been lucky enough to work in a number of countries over the years including Venezuela, Chile, USA, Australia and of course, here at home. These days I am surrounded by a wonderful team who bring different qualities and skill sets to the table often to cover for my shortcomings! This team have also made it possible for me to undertake the role of National President of the New Zealand Trade and Industrial Waters Forum from 2011 to 2018 and External Liaison from 2018 to the present.

As one of the original participants in the founding of the Forum, I am a strong advocate of the stated aim of formulating sustainable solutions by involving all the parties, Industries, Utility Providers and Regulators not to mention goods and service providers.


Tara Okan

Science Advisor / Archivist 

I am a water quality scientist and responsible for safeguarding all aspects of water quality through scientific analysis and the setting of targets and standards in response to specific legislation.

I specialise in comparing test results with these standards, investigate shortfalls and take action to remedy problems.

Alan Maxwell NZTIWF profile photo

Alan Maxwell

Board Member

With a background in machine automation where we can control every aspect of its operation, my interest in the water and wastewater field is around how we can mine and use the data generated by the different instruments to effectively manage living organisms and processes to have more effective treatment.

Currently working for DCM where our focus is on data mining and interpretation, helping our clients understand what is actually happening across their treatment plants and processes.

Todd Landers

Todd Landers

Board Member

I am a Chemical and Materials engineer working for Armatec Environmental Limited for over 20 years and filling the role of Design Manager since 2015.

My lead role is to design fibreglass equipment that works to reduce industry emissions to the environment. I work daily on projects that involve chemicals, air pollution control, corrosion control, wastewater and trade wastes.

Jan Godfrey

Board Member