The NZTIWF endorses WasteTRACK as the tracking system for the liquid and hazardous waste industry.

WasteTRACK is an internet-based database, which tracks liquid and hazardous wastes from generation, through transport to treatment or disposal. WasteTRACK allows for independent verification of appropriate treatment and/or disposal, and allows local and central government access to the data for reporting purposes.

From a compliance perspective WasteTRACK provides surety for both the waste generator and the waste carrier.

WasteTRACK is used:

  1. to monitor and track liquid and hazardous waste to prevent unauthorized discharge into the environment,
  2. to establish if grease traps, interceptor pits etc. are being regularly cleaned and serviced via the Unserviced Generators Report.
  3. to generate data for invoicing carrier companies disposing at treatment plants,
  4. to compare annual trends at treatment facilities (public & private),
  5. to monitor resource consents for private disposal facilities
  6. for monthly reports of wastes transported for disposal in an area to develop waste policy
  7. to assist in identifying priority waste streams for their future management
  8. to assist in waste minimization.

WasteTRACK is a requirement of the Liquid & Hazardous Waste Operators Code Compliancy Programme.

More details about WasteTRACK can be found here.